Fireworks Greece
4 generations of fireworks and special effects, 4 first International awards


Special effects The Voice of Greece


The opening of The Voice begun with stage flames and cryogenics effects. Spectacular flame balls and 'waterfalls' of ...


Special effects Eurosong 2014


Low fog and air effect for the performances of the four finalists for Eurovision 2014. Winners are Freaky Fortune ft ...


Fireworks and Special Effects by Nanos Fireworks

Nanos Fireworks is a modern company that uses cutting edge technology in order to plan, design and produce pyrotechnic displays and special effects as artistic creations but also as results of technical study.

Nanos Fireworks, having experience of four generations, is the oldest and largest company in the field of fireworks in Greece. Being a well organized team, passionate about fireworks, with experience and complete knowledge of pyrotechnic applications, Nanos Fireworks can create with the same ease the simplest effect for a corporate product launch or a more demanding design for a motion picture production or a pyrotechnic display synchronized with music.

Our company offers aerial fireworks, indoor fireworks, special effects, confetti, glitter, cryogenics, streamers, flame generators, low fog machines, special effects machines, wedding fireworks in Athens and all over Greece. 

We handle corporate events, sport events, concerts, tv shows, social events, festival, wedding fireworks.